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Mark Wainwright

writer • editor • instructor

publishing coach

"My greatest fear is not that I would fail, but that I would be a success at things that do not matter for eternity."

–C. McMorris

Image . . .

You've been tracking delivery of that box of books. Not just any box of books, but YOUR box of books. Your eyes glance out the front window every three minutes. And then, finally, the FedEx truck rumbles toward your house. The driver jolts to a stop, grabs a box, and scurries toward your front door.


But he doesn't have to ring the doorbell because you're already standing at the doorstep—a wide smile beaming from your face. Your debut book has arrived!


Can you image the excitement of opening that box of books? Do your fingers tingle as you finally hold that novel in your hand? Your heart swells with pride as you as you see your name emblazoned on the front cover.

. . . and Dream

Is this YOUR dream? For many thousands of unpublished writers, this is their end goal. This is what they dream about!


But actually achieving this goal of becoming a published author remains elusive. It even become a source of intense frustration! If writing were easy, more people would write a book. But the fact is that writing is tough. Real tough. Many potential authors fizzle out during the writing process, concluding that this dream simply isn't achievevable?


But become a published author IS feasible. It can be accomplished!


"But how?" you ask. 

Mark Wainwright has helped authors edit and publish scores of books. (Check out his credentials.) Among these authors, one primary characteristic emerges.


Basically, there's a secret to becoming a published author. Want to know what it takes to get published? Well, here's the secret:


"Uggg!" you groan. Perhaps you were hoping for a secret plot formula or method of using dramatic tension to hook the reader. Writing a book certainly requires implementation of plot, characterization, description, figurative language, narration, dialogue, and a host of other writing techniques. But, ultimately, developing and implementing these within a book requires work!

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

–Tim Notke

If "work" doesn't scare you away, then congratulations! You may have what it takes to achieve your dream of publication. 

Seeing one's name emblazoned on the front cover of a book is thrilling! But even more exciting is knowing that your book or novel is being read and enjoyed by readers! 


Writing is certainly powerful. And if you're a Christian, you can use your writing craft to impact lives for the glory of God. If our Savior has gifted you with words, work even harder to use that gifting in whatever why He directs.

Get Started Today

Writing a book takes work! But that writing process doesn't have to be a lonely endeavor. 


Mark Wainwright has provided coaching advice to many authors, with hundreds of different books and resources published through his editorial guidance. Learn from his 18+ years in the Christian publishing industry. 

  • Discover how to strengthen your writing craft for targeted audiences

  • Connect emotionally with readers through universal themes

  • Courageously approach publishers with a finely tuned book proposal

Start the journey today. Sign up for Mark's free newsletter. Not only will you receive writing encouragement, but you'll also get that not-so-subtle poke to continue working in realistic and measurable increments toward that dream.



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