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Write Purposefully • Edit Insightfully • Publish Strategically

You write. You edit. You dream of publication.

But frustration—in the form of writer's block, editing fatigue, and rejection letters—can easily destroy your productivity.

Don't allow unfocused writing, distracted editing, and publishing uncertainty to drag you down. Work smarter and faster by knowing what readers, literary agents, and publishers are looking for.


As your writing and editing coach, Mark Wainwright will provide personalized guidance and mentorship. Through detailed feedback, he will help you develop your craft so that you can write purposefully, edit insightfully, and publish strategically.

Get started today by downloading these free writing, editing, and publishing resources.

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About Mark

During his 16+ years in Christian publishing, Mark Wainwright edited over 100 manuscripts, coached dozens of authors, and shepherded 500+ projects through the publications process. And he's ready to help you too. 

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Mark Wainwright directed five of my books through the publication process. He is easy to work with and gave me astute guidance.”

–Chuck Gianotti, Th.M.



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