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"Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter."
–D. L. Moody

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“Mark is an engaging workshop presenter who knows how to incorporate instruction, group participation, and humor. He provided nonfiction writing principles that applied to our diverse work group of writers and editors. Mark was on screen, but it felt like he was in the room!”

–Evonne Krell

Senior Writer/Editor, Answers in Genesis

“Mark has been exemplary in writing more than 200 'Raising Godly Boys' creative radio scripts that provide practical guidance and encouragement to parents. This broadcast airs daily on over 400 radio stations. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

–Mark Hancock

CEO of Trail Life USA


“Mark’s editorial work is meticulous. He takes great pride in his work and can balance a grueling catalog of deadlines while maintaining a playful sense of humor. I know of few who can acquire a new book title AND oversee its design, printing, and distribution. Mark is the kind of asset to an organization that enables its publisher to vacation without calling the office.”

–Jesse Lange

Associate Publisher

Focus on the Family



Working with Mark was a wonderful experience. His attention to detail and his craft truly showed along with his interest in continuing to grow as a writer. A wonderful mark of a dedicated author. I look forward to more of his work!


–Joanne Bischof DeWitt

Christy Award-winning author of The Lady and the Lionheart



“In 2003, Mark and I and some friends found ourselves in a life-or-death situation. After the engine of our small dinghy stopped working, we drifted helplessly in the Bismarck Sea. It was terrifying—until we were eventually rescued. But I can tell you that Mark is a man of extraordinary courage. He exemplifies great strength in the way he tackles life. Over the years, Mark has been an inspiration to me, but never more than that time we were lost at sea. He has guts when it counts!”

–Gary Bustin

President, PNG Tribal Foundation



“Mark is the quintessential example of a working writer. His embrace of the writing process leaves aside the false notion of magical muse, replacing it with grit and determination toward well-wrought prose. His broad love for literature, writing, and publishing lead him through multiple drafts to create texts worth reading.”

–Dr. Cole Bennett

Director, ACU Writing Center

Professor, Abilene Christian University

“Mark Wainwright directed five of my books through the publication process with both professionalism and friendliness. Because of his knowledgeable in all aspects of publishing, I was confident in his skills. He is easy to work with and gave me astute guidance throughout the publishing journey.”

–Chuck Gianotti, Th.M.

Core Team Member at Biblical Eldership

Author of the Day by Day devotional series


“I had the privilege to serve on a Christian publishing board on which Mr. Wainwright was the editor-in-chief for the company. His work was not only innovative, but also outstanding in quality. His professionalism was clearly displayed during his interaction with the board and with his coworkers. He provided our publishing company with expert insight into the field as well as a broad knowledge base of the specialty. Lastly, it is because of his excellent writing skills that many of our products were set apart in their product lines. In short, Mr. Wainwright is a tremendous asset to any company as well as the entire field of publishing.”

–Steven Price, MD

Fellow of American College of Emergency Physicians

“Mark has a unique ability to turn a manuscript into a masterpiece that is both readable and informative. His skills and acumen manifest themselves by transforming a collection of thoughts into a cohesive treatise. Working with him was stimulating to my vision and satisfying with an exceptional end product—an attractive volume entitled Blessings All Mine With 10,000 Besides!

–Fred Kosin

Author and Missionary

Worldwide Bible Teacher and Conference Speaker



“Mr. Wainwright’s mentorship has proven to be completely invaluable. When I first heard that he was taking over some of the writing and publishing classes at PCC, I was excited to learn from an experienced editor. However, I was completely unprepared (and blown away) by his level of expertise and vibrant knowledge of the publishing field. His professionalism and acute attention to detail ensure that any project will be done right while his enthusiasm for editing and writing is completely contagious. But what stands out the most about Mr. Wainwright is his heartfelt care for his students which translates into everything he does.”

–Grace Shaffer



“Mark is not one to shy away from challenges in life. When I met him at an early age in a remote jungle area of Papua New Guinea, he already had a desire to help people there know God’s Word. At that time, he modeled great personal endurance and determination throughout the many difficult conditions faced during our climb to the top of the highest mountain in PNG, Mt Wilhelm (14,793’).”

–Wes Milligan

Missionary to Papua New Guinea



“Mark led me through the publishing process like a Sherpa on Mt. Everest. He shepherded the book from a couple of talks and blogs into a beautiful gift that can be held not only in the palm of one’s hand, but in one’s heart as well.”

–Evan Welcher

Pastor at Grace Baptist Church

Author of Resplendent Bride



“In the nearly twenty-five years that I have known Mark, I’ve observed a life of consistency and faithfulness to the call and leading of the Lord. Growing up on the mission of field of Papua New Guinea instilled in him the truth that “being in God’s will” is not about location, but about serving Him wherever you are. This has been a theme in Mark’s life. Through a career in Christian publishing and now in the classroom teaching college students to use their talents for the Lord, his life consistently points back to his Creator!”

–Jeremy Stalnecker

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Mighty Oaks Foundation

Former Infantry Platoon Commander, U.S. Marine Corps

“Mark is a man of integrity, possessing a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. He is a gifted administrator who is able to oversee both people and projects with objectivity and grace. As an excellent writer and communicator, Mark is an outstanding publisher with seasoned experience.”

–Jonathan Glock

Trust Officer, Believers Stewardship Services

“Mark is a skilled manager and editor with many years of experience in the publishing business. During his time with Emmaus Worldwide, Mark was responsible for both the content and delivery of the entire range of Bible study resources and prison ministry literature. Mark’s skills in managing relationships have been an important success factor in every facet of his work.”

–Philip Boom

President of Emmaus Bible College, 2010–present



“While providing book manufacturing solutions for a large area of the United States and Canada, I met Mark at Emmaus Worldwide. His ability to multi-task and manage a large number of front-list and back-list titles was exceptional! He was a valued partner, and it was a privilege to have worked with him over the years.”

–Terry Musclow

Business Development Manager

Sheridan / Dickinson Press



“Mark was spearheading a growing publishing arm of Emmaus Worldwide when I met him at a prison conference at the publisher's home office. For nearly 15 years, my personal contact with Mark has left me with this complimentary impression:

In relationships, congenial;

In leadership, confident.

In career, competent;

In publishing, creative.

In spirit, committed;

In ministry, compassionate.

I commend Mark to all who might seek his services.

–Rodger Turley Gruber

Director, Write-Way Prison Ministries


“Mark Wainwright is an excellent editor, regardless of whether it’s for highly developmental editing or just general copy editing. With deep, experiential knowledge in the printing and publishing industries, he is an extremely helpful addition to any editorial project or team.”

–Jesse Fullan

Editor/Producer at Resilient Kidz


“Cheerful, teachable, passionate—thats how I remember Mark when he took my freshman grammar and composition class over twenty years ago. I knew then that he would develop his knack for writing, and he certainly has! Now that he has become my colleague and friend, I am so excited to see Mark serving the Lord with his wonderful talent of writing.”

–Marie Thompson

College Instructor and Humanities Chair

“Mark is polite, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Easy to work with.”

–Lennie Spitale

Author of Prison Ministry and Walkin’ the Walk



“After 35 years of teaching Intercultural Studies at Emmaus Bible College, I met Mark Wainwright at the Editor’s desk of ECS Ministries. He was a great help to me in developing my writing skills—giving me ideas to improve my Bible studies. I had many questions, but Mark was always willing and glad to help. This was especially appreciated as these published resources were eventually translated into dozens of languages.”

–Ken Fleming

Author of 20 books and courses

Brother of Peter Fleming (murdered by Auca Indians in Ecuador, 1956)


“I first met Mark in 2004 in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. He immediately struck me as a cheerful, helpful, committed Christian, and our subsequent adventures proved that. We journeyed as part of a missionary team into the far reaches of Chambri Lake by truck, bus, 4-wheel drive, and a dugout canoe along the mighty Sepik River. Throughout our journey, he endured primitive conditions, and did so with humor and joy. I could easily see his passion for bringing the Gospel to the unsaved.”

–Fred Schaumkel

Auckland, New Zealand

“Of all the students that I taught during my 47 years in education, Mark was one of the best. Perhaps the best in being able to handle every aspect of writing and publishing. Anyone looking for help in any of those aspects, need to look no further.” 

–Dr. James A. Chapman, retired professor;

author of Grammar and Composition textbooks

“Mark is such a delight to work with! He is responsible, personal, and enthusiastic when using his journalistic skills in whatever project he tackles. He was an immense help to our ministry in gathering video testimonies from the inmate population where we work—showing a heart for the men beyond just getting a job done. He also displayed amazing professional skills in helping us edit and publish books written by the inmates themselves. Adding into this mix his moral uprightness and sense of humor, Mark is an example to all of the Person he follows.”

–Randy Gruber

Founder, Set Free Ministries



“I was one of Mr. Wainwright’s students during my senior year in college. Since he had newly transitioned from his role in publishing and editing to teaching, I was curious to see what his classes would be like. His care for his students and passion for excellence made him one of the instructors whom I respected the most. Not once did I feel like an inconvenience when I went to him for help with a piece or project. Not a class period passed without his easy smile, sense of humor, and encouraging words. With words, Mr. Wainwright was a clear communicator. With people, he was respectful and empathetic. With written language, he was a wealth of knowledge and experience willing to be shared at every turn.”

–Hannah Edwards

2018 Professional Writing Student



“Mark was a great encouragement in assisting my writing and structuring of group Bible studies. He coordinated with others to edit them to be most effective in communicating the message I was trying to convey.”

–Marilyn Burson

Author of Run the Race and To God Be the Glory



“When it comes to staying cool under pressure, Mark’s ability to adapt to dangerous conditions is unparalleled. I have seen him stay strong when we were stranded at sea. Even more, he has a passion to help other cultures understand Jesus through books, and I have always admired him for that.”

–Mark Palm

President at Samaritan Aviation



“Publishing and print coordination skills allowed Mark to choose the best manufacturers for a wide variety of book projects. Because of his industry knowledge, he was able to secure competitive pricing. He is exceedingly organized and detail oriented, making it an ease to work with him as a vendor for some 13 years. He always provided problem-free print-ready files, on-time purchase orders, and realistic scheduling. He is smart, approachable, professional, and a great person to do business with. If I could hand pick who to work with, Mark would be at the top of my list.”

–Karen Kircher

Sales Representative at Versa Press



I met Mark Wainwright over twenty years ago. Since then, I've been inspired by his commitment to excellence and his desire to serve the Lord in publishing and now teaching in the classroom. Mark has helped many lives, and I believe that he will continue to be an inspiration to all.”

–Dan Phyillaier

Lead Concept Artist at Sight & Sound Theatres



“Mark Wainwright was the primary editor for my book New Testament Priests, Speak Up! I remember that he was very patient with me as I proofread drafts and offered suggested changes. He was normally very willing to make such changes unless they would pose a complication to the publishing process, which he would then clearly explain to me. There was even a time or two when he would respond to me with a suggestion which I may not have liked at first, but eventually saw the wisdom of and ultimately embraced as an improvement to my book. Together, we ended up producing a quality publication.”

–Mike Stephenson

Author, Professor, Missionary

“I remember Mark Wainwright when he worked in Papua New Guinea with Christian Books Melanesia. He had that inspiring mix of dedication to his Christian faith, commitment to the goal of effective communication through print media, and excellent cross-cultural staff relationships. He managed to combine a love of life, a great sense of humor, and a determined work ethic. When he left CBM to return to the US, he left a gap that was difficult to fill.”

–Ossie Fountain, New Zealand

Former Board Member of Christian Books Melanesia

“It was my pleasure as his Masters thesis director to oversee the production of Marks first full-length work of fiction. Ive been teaching for nearly 25 years and have never had a young writer work harder and with more enthusiasm for the task at hand.”

–Albert Haley

Award-winning Author, Writer in Residence

Professor, Abilene Christian University

"Mark Wainwright is clear, genuine, and eager to assist and educate other writers and professionals. His excitement and enthusiasm are both contagious and inspirational, and I would regularly walk away from conversations feeling energized and ready to chase down my writing dreams.”

–Jenneth Dyck

“I have know Mark for many years within the publishing environment. He was a tenacious worker, maintaining the editing and publishing of courses so that there was no shortage of resources when needed. Marks editing and design skills were obvious in the finished product. His friendliness, while maintaining a heavy workload, should not be dismissed with just a few lines. His professionalism is commendable.”

–Ian Taylor

Board Chairman, Emmaus Worldwide

“Having worked alongside Mark for many years, I observed his passion for humbly serving Jesus Christ at the workplace as well as in church and family life. With a creative and often humorous touch, Mark utilized his skills to produce valuable informational and promotional resource material for ECS Ministries. He displayed the unique gift of being able to recognize the big picture while not missing intricate details in his preparation, whether it was producing a video, interviewing an inmate, or editing Bible study courses. With a relatively small support staff, Mark was a virtual jack of all trades and a true master of innovative ability!

–Al Stoltz

Prison Ministry Director, Emmaus Worldwide



“Mark fit very well serving communities in Papua New Guinea. He demonstrated a good balance of humility, eagerness to learn, respect for all, and a hankering for fun. He is always welcome here.”

–Reggie Howard

Author and Missionary

“I worked with Mark for over 8 years on a myriad of design projects, that included book covers, flyers, newsletters, and other promotional items. I loved working with him. He knew how to inspire the best design work in me, and complemented his keep grasp of writing. He is a world-class, hard-working, kind, exemplary asset to any team anywhere.”

–Dave Rogers

Founder, Lamb Creek Creative Services

“After first meeting Mark Wainwright while I was incarcerated [2 life sentences + 100 years], I could see and feel the passion he had for the prisoner. His professionalism and humility while working with us prisoners made us feel human. Once miraculously released, I had the privilege of working with Mark outside of prison, and his passion and love was still present. He was instrumental in helping me begin the biggest project in my life, a book entitled Prison Saved My Life: I Recommend It For Everyone. God couldnt have sent a better editor and brother in Christ to aid me in my lifes work. Ill be forever indebted to him because of his selflessness in working with me and thousands of men / women who are incarcerated around the world.”

–Louis Dooley

Author and Motivational Speaker



“From 2002 to 2004, Mark managed every aspect of publishing at Christian Books Melanesia (Wewak, Papua New Guinea), including liaising with authors, translators, printers, and suppliers. He also performed editing, typesetting, and designing of the CBM website. Mark was a key member of CBMs senior management team. He provided input into operational decisions encompassing personnel, fiscal, marketing, and property issues. Mark is a versatile and dependable team player, and totally committed to serving God.”

–Andrew Linton

General Manager, Christian Books Melanesia (1998–2007)

Finance Manager, MAF New Zealand



“While serving at ECS, Mark was a great help to me personally in publishing several books. He gave me greater insight into how a book could be structured to hold the attention of the reader. His advice regarding chapter layout and formatting was of tremendous value to me as a new author.”

–Sam Thorpe

Bible and Conference Speaker

Author of 5 Books


“During the 13 years Mark managed the editorial department at ECS Ministries, he demonstrated tact, skill, and courtesy. He enthusiastically shepherded authors and manuscripts through the publications process, even assisting in typesetting and design activities. His attention to detail proved of immense value in ensuring editorial integrity, cost efficiency, and high print quality. Certainly, Mark’s overriding desire was that the publishing of books and Bible studies would help people to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.”

–Rob Tyler

Director, ECS Ministries (2002–2016)


“As editorial director at Emmaus Worldwide, Mark proved instrumental in expanding their book publishing imprints. From acquiring manuscripts to coaching authors to managing editorial staff, Mark helped develop practical Christian resources that are still used throughout the States and even the world.”

–Alex Strauch

Speaker and author with books translated into over 30 languages /

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