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“Help! Help us,” shriek Jenny and Cole. 

The siblings peer over the top edge of the wicker basket. Their fingers grip the leather railing for dear life. But, like a flamethrower, fire continues roaring out of the burners—catapulting the hot air balloon high into the sky. 
“What did you do?” Jenny screams. “Turn it off!”
“Can’t!” yells Cole at the top of his lungs. “Don’t know what . . .” But the raging flames drown out the nine-year-old’s voice. 
Realizing that she must take action, thirteen-year-old Jenny tries flipping the burners off, but instead catches the balloon fabric on fire! Yet as their situation spirals out of control, will the siblings work together to survive the crash landing?

Join Jenny and Cole on their trip of a lifetime as they learn to overcome fear, exercise faith, and extend forgiveness.

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