Adventure Awaits!

When a hot air balloon ride goes terribly wrong, siblings Jenny and Cole find themselves soaring thousands of feet into the cold Colorado sky.

In the basket of the enormous balloon, they must overcome their differences and safely land the runaway hot air balloon. This unforgettable flight will captivate your imagination and inspire your heart.

Join Jenny and Cole on their trip of a lifetime as they learn to overcome fear, exercise faith, and extend forgiveness.

Fast Facts!
  • Grades 6-8

  • Ages 11-14

  • 168 pages

  • Fun & educational trivia at the back of the book

  • Explores themes of fear, faith, and forgiveness

  • Published and sold by Abeka

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The writing was so authentic that I found myself in tears over Jenny's heartache and grateful for the clear biblical response presented to the pain of loss and bitterness.

This story proves that modern is not equal to secular, and it will certainly guide the youth of today in overcoming life's difficulties through the lens of Scripture.

Mark Wainwright weaves believable characters with epic adventures in a story that has a firm foundation in God's truth.

Edie Melson, award-winning author of 10 books

Katie Green, 5th Grade Teacher, Pensacola Christian Academy

Kristen Hogrefe Parnell, award-winning author of 6 books