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Sneak Peek!

“Hang on! We’re goin’ down,” screams the bomber pilot.


As the B-24 slams against the cruel mountain, jagged boulders crush in the plane’s cockpit like flaps of an accordion. The hissing venom of hydraulic fuel spews throughout the cabin, scorching Drake’s eyes.


Only yesterday, the American boy had celebrated his 14th birthday in Australia. Now he finds himself the sole survivor—lost in the remote jungles of New Guinea. But the nightmare is just beginning. 


Blood-thirsty cannibals capture Drake. Ferocious creatures attack him. A river sweeps him into the heart of a pitch-black cave. With survival impossible and death yanking him toward the shadows, Drake collapses with helplessness. 


Just then, Mitago, a native warrior, befriends Drake. As the young teens journey toward the coast and possible rescue, Drake battles his inner prejudice and bitterness. He then begins to realize that life is short—and that there’s more to it than simply fun and games. As Drake grows, his courage is tested when heartbreaking tragedy shatters his world.


Want to find out what happens to 14-year-old Drake? Read a six-page excerpt from the Lost in a Savage Paradise manuscript by providing your email address below. Mark will let you know when this Middle Grade / Young Adult novel is published!

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