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Mark Wainwright

writer • editor • instructor

publishing coach

"My greatest fear is not that I would fail, but that I would be a success at things that do not matter for eternity."

–C. McMorris

With 18+ years in Christian publishing, Mark Wainwright has edited hundreds of manuscripts, coached dozens of authors, and shepherded 500+ projects through the publications process.

His writing credits include publication in textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. He's recognized as an outstanding editor, writer, and contributor. 

Mark remains passionate about using his writing, editing, and publishing skills for the glory of God. He encourages writers to courageously impact their communities through the power of writing.

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Writing and editing are more than Mark's passion. They are the means through which he serves the Savior.

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Mark is the kind of asset to an organization that enables its publisher to vacation without calling the office.

–Jesse Lange, Director

of Resource Marketing

Focus on the Family

His focus on excellence ensures that the final printed product is always of the highest quality.

–Terry Wilson


Emmaus International

Over the years Mark has been an inspiration to me, but never more than that time we were lost at sea. He has guts when it counts.

–Gary Bustin


PNG Tribal Foundation


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Mark's editorial pen isn't for the faint-hearted. But if you're ready to courageously tackle the hard truths of disjointed structure, lack of focus, weak characters, fragmented plots, and unnatural dialogue, then Mark is ready to help.


During the editing process, you'll find that Mark is much more than simply an outstanding editor. He is a teacher and mentor that will guide you into knowing how to improve your own writing and editing skills. You'll appreciate his insightful questions, astute analysis, and comprehensive revision.


Yet, through it all, Mark will maintain your personal style. He'll even help you develop a book proposal that exceeds publisher expectations. By helping publishers see the worth of your manuscript, you give yourself the best possible chance of receiving a book contract.


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