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"When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes."

–Desiderius Erasmus


Abeka (one of the largest publishers of Christian school resources in the world) published Mark's novel, Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon, in June 2021. What's the book about? Glad you asked . . .


"When a hot air balloon ride goes terribly wrong, siblings Jenny and Cole find themselves soaring thousands of feet into the cold Colorado sky.


In the basket of the enormous balloon, they must overcome their differences and safely land the runaway hot air balloon. This unforgettable flight will captivate your imagination and inspire your heart.


Join Jenny and Cole on their trip of a lifetime as they learn to overcome fear, exercise faith, and extend forgiveness."


Magazines, Newspapers, Textbooks, Journals

Mark's writing credits include publication in magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. He also worked as an editor and contributor for three-and-a-half years with Abeka, a Christian textbook publisher.

*selective list       

  • Todays Christian Living — January 2023 essay entitled "From Foe to Fluffy Furball." Check it out.

  • Voyage of Discovery — November 2022 short story entitled "The Case of the Spinning Egg in the Abeka publication. Preview here.

  • StarLight Magazine — November 2022 devotional entitled "A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt." Check it out.

  • Kids Answers magazine, Vol. 17 No. 4 — October 2022 article entitled "The Magnificent Marvels of Space" in the Answers in Genesis publication. Check it out.

  • Answers magazine, Vol. 17 No. 4 — October 2022 article entitled "Biominerals: Nature’s Midas Touch" in the Answers in Genesis publication. Check it out.

  • Clubhouse Jr., Vol. 35 No. 9 — September 2022 article, Super Siblings" in the Focus on the Family publication. Check it out.

  • Overcoming, 33rd Fountains edition — 2022 Instructor and Faculty Editor of the Advanced Copy Editing course. Check it out.

  • Answers magazine, Vol. 17 No. 2 — April 2022 article entitled Staying Alive" in the Answers in Genesis publication. Check it out.

  • Answers magazine, Vol. 17 No. 2 — April 2022 article entitled "How Do Seeds Spread?" in the Answers in Genesis publication. Check it out.

  • Kids Answers magazine, Vol. 17 No. 1 — January 2022 article entitled "The Great Indoors" in the Answers in Genesis publication. Check it out.

  • Crossroads, 32nd Fountains edition — 2021 Instructor and Faculty Editor of the Advanced Copy Editing course. Check it out.

  • Refocus, 31st Fountains edition — 2020 Instructor and Faculty Editor of the Advanced Copy Editing course. Check it out.

  • Fountains, 30th edition — 2019 Instructor and Faculty Editor of the Copy Editing II course. Check it out.

  • Fountains, 29th edition — 2018 Instructor of Copy Editing II course. Check it out.

  • Emmaus Connection — editor for 50+ editions of Emmaus International newsletter

  • Resource Guide — editor of Emmaus International 48-page catalog

  • "In a Strange Land" — September 2000 editorial feature in the Abilene Reporter-News

  • The Shinnery Review — Editor (2000–2001) of the Abilene Christian University literary journal

  • Fountains — Copy Editor (1999 & 2000) for the Pensacola Christian College literary journal

  • "Vandabut Is Served" — Short story published in the 1997 Fountains edition

  • "Hospitals Ready to Combat Hurricanes" — 1998 newspaper article appearing in Hernando Today

  • "15 Christmas and New Year's Eve Ideas" — 1998 magazine article published in Gulf Coast Parent

  • Various article in the Newsette — newsletter for Pensacola Christian Academy

  • World Geography — 1998—Contributing Writer/Editor for Abeka

  • World History and Cultures — 1997 Editorial Assistant at Abeka

  • American Government — 1997 Editorial Assistant at Abeka

  • Biology — 1997 Editorial Assistant at Abeka



  • "Taking Turns" — 2023 forthcoming article in Clubhouse Jr., a Focus on the Family publication.

  • "Amazing in Different Ways" — 2023 forthcoming short story selected for inclusion in Woodlands Trail publication.

  • "Sticks and Stones" — 2023 forthcoming short story selected for inclusion in Woodlands Trail publication.

  • "A Sticky Situation" — 2023 forthcoming short story selected for inclusion in Woodlands Trail publication.

  • "God ‘Toadally Cares" — 2023 forthcoming devotional in Keys for Kids. Check it out.

  • “Just Fur Fun — 2023 forthcoming devotional in StarLight Magazine.



Trail Life USA—one of the largest Christian scouting organizations for K–12th grade boys—asked Mark to develop a series of radio scripts. These continue to be recorded and broadcast daily on 400+ Christian radio stations including American Family Radio and Bott Radio Network. Thus far, Mark has developed over 190 scripts. Click the play arrows to listen now or visit the Raising Godly Boys podcast.

Radio Scripts
Click the play arrows to listen.

#14 Greatest Gift
#15 Joy to the World
#16 Competition
#17 The Most Important Language
#18 Hours and Minutes
#19 Resolutions
#20 Fireworks


#6 Tug of War
#7 Rooted
#8 Winter Gear
#9 Lost
#10 Hiking in the Dark
#11 Reason for the Season
#12 That's a Wrap!
#13 The Present


#22 Failure Isn't Final
#23 Bombarded by Philosophies
#24 Escaping the Hamster Wheel
#25 I'm Bored
#26 Juggling
#27 Behind Bars
#28 Tools of the Trade
#29 Ups and Downs
#30 Win the Battle for Your Mind
#33 The Building Process
#34 Keep On Keeping On
#35 Google Isn't the Answer
#36 Keys
#37 The Value of Work
#38 Sink or Swim
#39 The Donut Hole
#40 Shining for Jesus
#42 Choosing Peace Over Fear
#43 Flying High
#44 Fruit of the Spirit
#46 Whom Do You Call
#47 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
#48 The Plague of Entitlement
#50 Teamwork
#51 Marriage Is Under Attack
#52 Searching for Wisdom
#53 Run the Race
#54 Generation Z
#60 Biblical Masculinity
#61 Focus Your Perspective
#62 Certainties
#67 Heroes of the Faith
#68 Parenting Teenage Boys
#69 The Parenting Rollercoaster
#70 True Self Worth
#71 Time Is Ticking
#72 Instruction Manual
#73 Facing Fear
#74 The Greatest Adventure
#75 Shining Star
#76 Friends
#77 A Lighthouse in Life
#78 A Balancing Act
#79 Summer Camp
#80 Wonderfully Created
#81 Take Time to Rest
#82 Seasons of Change
#83 Our Anchor in the Storm
#84 Visually Influenced
#85 The Renewing of Your Mind
#86 Targeted
#87 Strength of Character
#88 Sibling Rivalry
#89 Seeds of Growth
#91 Memories Matter
#92 Fixing a Flat
#93 Consequences
#95 Lost Expectations
#96 Involvement Leads to Learning
#97 Instant Replay
#98 In God We Trust
#99 I'm Sorry
#100 Conquering Giants
#103 A Privilege and Responsibility
#109 Maintaining Control
#110 Broken No More
#111 Finding the Right Fit
#112 Step by Step
#113 Strike it Rich
#114 3-2-1-Liftoff
#128 Mulligan
#129 Packing List
#136 Like a Daredevil on a Tightrope
#137 Puzzle Pieces
#138 Slow and Steady
#139 Taking Aim
#140 Up a River Without a Paddle
#141 Walk Worthy
#147 Grit and Determination
#148 He Is No Fool
#149 Let's Talk
#150 Parenting Patience
#151 Returning Thanks
#152 Stand for Truth
#153 Support Group
#154 Your Son's Personality
#158 True Manhood
#160 Guidance and Growth
#162 Grounded in God's Word
#164 Celebrating Success
#165 Inspiring Your Son
#189 Detours
#190 Fear Not
#191 God's Protection
#192 Magnify Him
#193 Minute by Minute
#194 Mustic to Your Ears
#195 Shortcuts
#196 Squeaky and Rusty
#197 Strength Training
#198 Coffee
#199 Day by Day
#200 Dollars and Sense
#201 Take Time
#202 The Greatest Superhero
#212 A Spark
#215 Seasons
#218 The Wheels on the Bus
#219 Smile
#220 Saying Sorry
#221 Expectations
#222 Cleaning Up
#223 Seeking Wisdom
#224 Letting Go
#225 Nurturing Your Son
#226 Phases of Growth
#227 Small Actions, Big Impact
#228 Sticks and Stones
#229 Poison
#244 Be a Man
#245 The Tongue
#246 Boiling Blood
#249 Stand and Salute
#251 Super Heroes
#252 Black Friday
#253 Gobble Gobble
#254 Only One Life
#255 Cause and Effect
#256 Taking the Plunge
#257 The Hardest Thing
#258 Why?
#259 Knots
#260 Lead by Example
#261 Loss
#262 The Mirage of Social Media
#263 When Life Is Scary
#264 First Aid
#265 Beautiful Feet
#266 Batter Up!
#267 911
#273 Lemons


#283 Scars
#284 Brr!
#285 Capture the Flag
#286 Laught a Lot
#287 www.
#288 Walk the Talk
#289 The 4th Quarter
#290 Taking the Heat
#295 Playdough
#299 Prioritizing Punctuality
Capture the Moment (coming 1/30)
Chameleon (coming 1/31)
God's Will, Way, and Timing (coming 2/1)
Grumbles and Gratitude (coming 2/3)
Legacy (coming 2/9)
Made Perfect in Weakness (coming 2/10)
Love Languages (coming 2/14)
Three Magical Words (coming 2/15)
A Harmony of Hearts (coming 2/16)
Over or Under? (coming 2/22)
Terrific Texts (coming 3/21)
Transformers (coming 3/22)
More Than a Story (coming 4/6)
He Is Risen (coming 4/7)
Bow-wow! (coming soon)
Hurt and Healing (coming soon)
In the Blink of an Eye (coming soon)
Not Available Online (coming soon)
Words of Praise (coming soon)
Age & Stage (coming soon)
Fake and Phony (coming soon)
Handicaps (coming soon)
More Than a Bumper Sticker (coming soon)
The Greatest Nickname (coming soon)
Strategic Correction (coming soon)
Toys (coming soon)
Time Management (coming soon)
Are We There Yet? (coming soon)
Upside Down (coming soon)
A World of Difference (coming soon)
Dealing with Death (coming soon)
Packing for Success (coming soon)
Disappointment and Discouragement (coming soon)
The Talk (coming soon)
Chores Galore (coming soon)
Don't Go It Alone (coming soon)
CBM Books


While managing the editorial departments at Christian book publishers (both international and domestic) Mark edited over 100 book manuscripts and facilitated the publishing process for hundreds of other publications. Not only did he engage in developmental and copy editing duties, but he also helped coach authors in literary techniques. He continually stressed the importance of knowing one's audience and writing practical content.

Publications Director at Emmaus Worldwide

*selective list from 100+ titles       

  • Around the Table: Connecting with Family at Meals

  • The Basis of the Premillennial Faith

  • Biblical Principles of Church Growth

  • Biblical Stewardship

  • Biblical Theology of the New Testament

  • Blessings All Mine with 10,000 Besides!

  • Christian Baptism

  • Day by Day in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians

  • Day by Day in Hebrews

  • Day by Day in the Gospel of Matthew

  • Day by Day in the Upper Room

  • Dear Muslim Friend

  • Decisions! Decisions!

  • The Early Church

  • Eldership in Action

  • Enjoying the Book of Acts

  • Enjoying the Minor Prophets

  • Enjoying the Proverbs

  • Enjoying the Psalms

  • Enjoying the Song of Songs

  • Enticed by Evil

  • An Evening in Mingouwee

  • The Formation of the New Testament

  • Gabriel and Michael

  • Genesis: From Creation to a Nation

  • Getting Along with Each Other

  • God’s Voice in the Stars

  • GPS for Financial Christian Living

  • Growing Older, Growing Wiser

  • He Died Climbing

  • He Humbled Himself

  • Jerusalem’s Gates: Illustrating the Christian Life

  • Joshua: The Conquest of Canaan

  • Kings of Israel

  • Kings of Judah

  • Letters Missionaries Never Write

  • The Life and Times of David

  • Exodus: The Formation of a Nation

  • Looking for Diamonds in a Coal Bin

  • The Lord’s Supper

  • Meditations in John

  • Meditations in Luke

  • Meditations in Mark

  • Meditations in Matthew

  • The Miracles of Our Lord

  • New Testament Priests, Speak Up!

  • No Other Foundation: An Exposition of Acts 2:42

  • Peace, Perfect Peace

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Personal Financial Stewardship

  • Peter Fleming: A Man of Faith

  • The Preacher and His Preaching

  • Repairing Broken Relationships

  • Resplendent Bride

  • The Seven Last Things

  • The Suffering Servant of the Lord

  • The Ultimate Sacrifice

  • Understanding the Church

  • Understanding the Trinity

  • UnStuck: Moving Beyond Defeat

  • Walking with Jesus: 90 Devotionals on Life of Christ

  • Win the Battle for Your Mind

  • Worship: The Christian’s Highest Occupation

Managing Editor at Christian Books Melanesia

*selective list from 125+ titles       

  • Caring for Gods People

  • Choosing a Partner

  • Christian Education Grade 1

  • Christian Education Grade 2

  • Christian Education Grade 3

  • Christian Education Grade 4

  • Christian Education Grade 5

  • Christian Education Grade 6

  • Christian Finds The Way

  • Christian Marriage And Family Life

  • Come Follow Me

  • Come Let Us Worship

  • Come To Me

  • The Deep Sea Canoe

  • Do Christians Have Problems

  • First Steps with Jesus

  • Go and Make Disciples

  • Have You Met Jesus

  • I Want to Follow Christ

  • I Will Follow Jesus

  • In the Beginning

  • Jesus Has Defeated Satan

  • Jesus of Nazareth

  • Know the Future

  • Leader’s Manual

  • Leading Like Christ

  • Let’s Look in the Bible

  • Living Together in God’s Family

  • Marriage Is for Life

  • Marriage—The Melanesian Way

  • Memorize God’s Word

  • Money, Work and Business

  • My First Steps

  • Prepare for Battle

  • Preparing For Revival

  • Read God’s Word

  • Should I Give?

  • Studies For Growing Christians

  • Teaching about Marriage

  • The Church and Its Work

  • The Holy Spirit and the Church

  • The Pawpaw Tree

  • The Two Shall Be One

  • This IsWhat Jesus Say

  • Understanding Our Need of Revival

  • Why Did Jesus Die

Publications Director at Emmaus Worldwide

*selective list from 150+ titles       

Bible Study Courses

Mark's work as Publications Director at Emmaus Worldwide enabled him to help develop and edit Bible studies in areas including:

  • Christian Living

  • Bible Survey

  • Character Studies

  • New Testament

  • Old Testament

  • Children & Youth

  • Salvation

  • Foundation

  • Prison

  • Bible Doctrine

These Bible studies are used by numerous ministries within the United States and across the globe.


Worldwide distribution of these published resources continues strong at around one million each year.

These courses have been translated into 90 languages and are distributed in over 100 countries.

  • Acts

  • Bible Doctrines – part 1

  • Bible Doctrines – part 2

  • The Believer’s Battle with Temptation

  • Bible Prophecy

  • The Bible Speaks

  • The Bible Tells Me So

  • The Bible—What’s In It For You?

  • Biblical Eldership

  • Born to Win

  • Christ Loved the Church

  • The Christian Life

  • The Coming King (Matthew’s Gospel)

  • 1 Corinthians

  • 2 Corinthians

  • Daniel

  • Discovering Bible Study

  • Discovering Christ in the Psalms

  • Doing Time With Jesus

  • Ecclesiastes: Is There Meaning to Life?

  • Ephesians

  • Forgiving and Being Forgiven

  • Galatians

  • Gideon: Mighty Man of Valor

  • God Is There

  • The God Who Speaks to Man

  • God’s Blueprint for Your Marriage

  • God’s Mandate for Missions

  • God’s Word Is Truth

  • Golden Keys

  • Good News for All (Romans)

  • The Greatest Man Alive

  • Guide to Christian Growth

  • Hebrews

  • The Holy Spirit at Work

  • How to Succeed on the Streets

  • I’ll Take the High Road

  • James

  • The Gospel of John – Part 1

  • The Gospel of John – Part 2

  • The Letters of John

  • John the Baptist: Prophet of the Highest

  • Jonah: Meeting the God of the Second Chance

  • Joseph: A Life of Virtue

  • A Journey Through the Bible

  • Judges

  • Lessons for Christian Living

  • The Lord’s Supper & Baptism

  • Luke

  • Managing Anger God’s Way

  • Mark

  • Matthew

  • Men Who Met the Master

  • The Minor Prophets

  • My God and I: Selected Psalms

  • Names of God

  • New Testament Survey

  • Old Testament Law & History

  • Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy

  • One God, One Way

  • Overcoming Abuse

  • Perfect Person, Perfect Work

  • 1 Peter 

  • 2 Peter, and Jude

  • Philippians, Colossians, & Philemon

  • Plant My Feet on Higher Ground

  • Preach the Word

  • Proverbs for Life

  • Ready to Give an Answer

  • Remember the Creator

  • Revelation

  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

  • Romans – part 1

  • Romans – part 2

  • Savior of the World (Luke’s Gospel)

  • Securely Saved and Sure of It!

  • Sense and Nonsense About Prayer

  • The Servant of God (Mark’s Gospel)

  • The Shepherd Leader at Home

  • The Source of Life (John’s Gospel)

  • Study to Show Yourself Approved

  • Summary of the Bible

  • Tell Me the Story of Jesus

  • Thessalonians

  • Things Jesus Said and Did

  • The Three Marys: Devoted Disciples of Jesus

  • Timothy and Titus

  • Walkin’ the Walk: A Guide for Christians in Prison

  • What the Bible Teaches

  • Winning Souls the Bible Way

  • The Woman Who Pleases God

  • You Can Live Forever



Although small in size and page count, booklets still make a big impact. These concise resources cover a variety of topics that provide encouragement, teaching, and Christian growth.

Publications Director at Emmaus Worldwide

*selective list from 30+ titles       

  • Angels

  • Armageddon Soon?

  • Assurance of Salvation

  • Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith