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"The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think."

–Albert Einstein

Training requires patience, determination, and a willingness to fail in order to improve. Mark has been privileged to learn in the classroom, on the job, and from industry leaders. Yet learning, education, and application never cease. Christian writers are continually refining their technique to more effectively reach readers.

Houston Christian University

     Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

     2022–2024, Houston, TX, GPA: 4.0

Key courses:

  • Faith, Culture, and the Arts

  • Creative Writing Workshop, Fiction I

  • Topic & Genres: Writers on Writing

  • Creative Writing Workshop, Fiction II

  • Fiction Techniques

  • Creative Nonfiction

  • Creative Writing Workshop, Fiction III

  • Poetry Workshop

  • Creative Writing Workshop, Fiction IV

  • Literary Theory & Romantic Criticism

  • Thesis I

  • Faith, Culture, and the Arts II

  • Screenwriting

  • Master Class

  • Thesis II


Christian Publishing Institute
     Editorial Management Course
     2004, Colorado Springs, CO

This course (hosted by David C. Cook Publishing) offered an intensive learning experience to managers and publishers pursuing editorial excellence.

Mark Wainwright, education, David C Cook

Abilene Christian University

     Master of Arts in English / Writing

     2000–2001, Abilene, TX, GPA: 4.0

Key courses:

  • Fiction Workshop

  • Advanced English Grammar

  • Studies in British Literature

  • Business and Professional Writing

  • Drama

  • Electronic Publishing

  • Master's Thesis and Defence

Mark Wainwright, education, Abilene Christian University

World Journalism Institute

     Intensive Journalism Course

     2001, Ashville, NC


For four weeks, prominent journalists from across America taught our select group of emerging writers the methods and importance of communicating truth within the framework of today’s media. 

Mark Wainwright, education, World Journalism Institute

University of Central Florida

     Graduate Studies in Technical Writing

     1999–2000, Orlando, FL, GPA: 4.0


Key courses:

  • Graduate Writer's Workshop

  • Methods of Bibliography and Research

  • Great Writers & Writing*

  • Literary Criticism*

* Courses taught by Dr. Michael Dirda — Pulitzer Prize-winning book columnist for The Washington Post.

Mark Wainwright, education, University of Central Florida

Pensacola Christian College

     Bachelor of Science in Communication; Commercial Writing Emphasis

     1995–1999, Pensacola, FL, GPA: 3.71

Key courses:

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Creative Writing

  • Yearbook Production

  • American Literature

  • British Literature

  • Lettering and Typography

  • Photography I

  • Principles of Drawing

  • Conceptual Design

  • Technical Writing

  • Public Relations

  • Professional Selling

  • Journalism 

  • World Drama

  • Copywriting

  • Copy Editing I & II

  • Professional Writing

  • Advanced English Grammar and Composition

  • Commercial Writing Practicum

  • Advanced Creative Writing

  • Writing for Publication

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